About Susruta Instruments

Our founder chairman late Mr. L.N.Lalwani and his partner Mr. G.H.Patel were involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Ophthalmic Microsurgical knives since the year 1985. It was their vision and experience that led to the formation of Susruta Instruments in the year 1994.

Our current chairman Mr. G.H.Patel, a Mechanical Engineer has over 30 years of experience. He guides the production with his knowledge and expertise. The Marketing side is overseen by Mr. P.L.Lalwani, an Instrumentation Engineer who has been with the company since 1998. Mr. H.L.Lalwani, a Software Engineer who has experience of working in various industries since 1999 leads the Marketing team.

The Mission of SUSRUTA INSTRUMENTS PVT. LTD. is to serve ophthalmologists, particularly Cataract and IOL Implant surgeons world over by providing them with better tools at an economical price.

The company realizes that to do this better it will have to have continued close interaction with the ophthalmologists to understand their changing needs. The company will have to strive to maximize the value of their products/ services for the customers by increasing productivity and decreasing the distribution cost.

The manufacture of Microsurgical blades is quite complex and highly skill oriented. The manufacturing involves tight automatic process controls in steps like heat treatment, tempering and ETO sterilization while skilled operators have to work under the microscope (just as the blades are used in surgery) for steps like grinding and quality inspection. The visual final inspection is done on 100% basis. The process step of grinding of edge and final polishing is manual and requires great skill on the part of the operators because of miniature size and complicated shapes of the blades.